WELCOME TO cropped-cropped-483800_10200762067164226_1801440464_n.jpgBlues Without Boundaries

Robmont Music Promotions  exists to put the spotlight  on it’s Artists and their music. We offer a comprehensive service covering all aspects of management, agency, press and promotions. Robmont Music was set up several years ago, and operates from it’s London/Essex base, and offers a variety of services to bands and musicians, and also to venues and promoters.  We deal with all aspects of performance, recording and touring. We have also offer a full press and promotion package. Acts we have been associated with in the past include: Snowy White, Blues Mix, Stacie Collins (USA), Laurence Jones ,
Federal Charm, We Ghosts, Hat Fitz and Cara, and a host of others.
f383f755-73df-4933-bd37-b55f0a4c2409The UK Blues Federation (UKBlues) is a pan-UK Federation to promote and support blues in the United Kingdom in all its forms and styles. A ‘not for profit’ federation of musicians, organisations, associations, groups, venues, companies, individuals and other interested parties within the UK who already work to support, promote and encourage blues of all sorts within the UK, to work together to achieve UKBlues‘ aims. Further details about UKBlues, its mission, its aims and its projects are on our website at www.ukblues.org

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